How To Write A Top Notch CV In 2022

Have you set your goals for 2022? If you are yet to then crafting the perfect CV should be at the top of your list!

Like it or not, a successful job search is not likely without a great resume in your arsenal. This one career document can make or break your chances of landing a dream job.

How do you ensure that your CV has the power to grab the recruiter’s attention?

In this guide, we will cover all the resume writing rules you need to know in order to write a professional CV in 2022.

Tailor your CV

When applying for a new position, you must create a unique and one-of-a-kind CV that is specially tailored to fit each role that you’re applying for.

As mentioned above, a resume is not a mere listicle of all the things you’ve done during your career. Instead, it’s a marketing document that sells you to prospective employers. As such, it must reposition your experience to meet the specific needs of each employer.

Exclude irrelevant information

Your CV should instantly prove to the potential employer that you are perfect for the job. Therefore, you should not waste space by including things that aren’t necessary like gender or religion. Highlight your skills and experience and give relevant examples for each. This gives the employer a greater picture of what your capabilities are.

Write a captivating career profile

Often, recruiters and hiring managers skim over your resume before quickly deciding whether your job application merits their further attention.

The career profile is usually the section that helps them make that decision.

Structure your CV better

Make your CV look professional and easy to read. Employers don’t want to spend time trying to understand what is on your CV, if it doesn’t make sense then it will be tossed aside. You have to keep in mind that there are lots of people applying for that job. You need to set yourself apart and structure your CV by bulleting your accomplishments, highlight your experience in a chronological order etc.

Include quantifiable data to illustrate your achievements

Your outstanding achievements and notable statistics related to your work effort are most easily digested when you assign a number or result to everything you’ve done of note. Having something that a hiring manager can quickly grasp, especially if it demonstrates your excellence, will help you stand above the rest. So, if you not only met but exceeded your sales goal month to month, you’d have a bullet saying, “Exceeded sales quota by 30%.” If something you did helped the organization cut costs and reach a desired end result sooner, be clear about how all that happened.


Your CV is one of the important documents you’ll own during the course of your life.

It should be treated as such – because it has the power to either open or close doors of opportunity for you. Before you apply for any job, either make sure your CV looks and feels like a professional marketing document. 

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