Human resource / NGOs

Human Resource Assistant


Reports to: HR Manager

Start date: October 2021

Contract Duration: 6 months’ renewable contract


GiveDirectly is driving a re-evaluation of the assumptions underlying international philanthropy with a provocative model: we deliver donations directly to the extreme poor and let them decide what to do with them. This approach builds on two converging trends: the rapid spread of electronic last-mile payments solutions in the emerging markets, and the large body of experimental evidence showing that direct transfers are as or more cost-effective at reducing poverty than more traditional, top-down approaches. GiveDirectly’s field operations utilize state-of-the-art technology and business processes to deliver transfers securely, efficiently, and transparently. Our unorthodox approach – allowing the poor, and not the donor, to choose where they invest – has prompted debate in the popular press and among policymakers. GiveDirectly has been featured on NPR’s This American Life, and in Foreign Affairs, The Economist, and The New York Times. It was named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Finance by FastCompany, one of the 25 Most Audacious Companies by Inc., and one of GiveWell’s top-rated charities for 4 years running.

Position Overview

The Human Resource Assistant will be a key member of the Human Resource team. The role is responsible for the day-to-day management of personnel, communications, and policy administration. Your role will be extremely important as you will be developing programs to improve performance, engagement and satisfaction of our employees.


Contribute to the development, implementation and training of core HR initiatives
Develop annual work plans for specific HR initiatives e.g. performance management program design
Provide support to employees in various HR-related topics such as leaves and compensation and resolve any issues that may arise
Assist in the development of policies, guidelines, and tools to support managers throughout an employees life cycle
Enhance job satisfaction by resolving issues promptly, applying new perks and benefits and organizing team building activities;
Keep our dynamic HR records well organized and up to date at all times.
Gather and analyze data with useful HR metrics, like time to hire and employee turnover rates
Keep abreast with new trends and best practices in the field
Ensure that HR practices are in compliance with current laws and regulations
Conduct periodic HR audits, prepare and present reports.

HR experience preferably gained within the NGO sector
relevant post graduate degree in HR or a related field of study is an added advantage
Member of IHRM with a HR practicing license
Prior experience in HR operations and knowledge of best practices
Familiarity with current employment laws and regulations and their application
Hands on experience with HR software (HRIS)
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
Proficiency in G-suite will be an added advantage
GD Values

Recipients first – We prioritize recipient preferences over those of donors or ourselves.
Team next – We do what’s best for organizational – not individual – success.
Be proactively candid – We say what we believe, and are honest in sharing information.
Create positive energy – We strive to be a source – not drain – of energy for our colleagues.
Think rigorously; act quickly – We are intellectually rigorous with a drive towards action – not debate.
Accept reality. Propose solutions – We do not dwell on problems. We work actively to create solutions.
Be productively ambitious – We take the risks to pursue industry-changing success, not incremental progress.
Know yourself and grow – We recognize and accept our imperfections with a focus on growth.

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