Packing Supervisor

Full Time

We are the largest manufacturers of Confectionery, Food, Footwear, and Stationery products in Kenya. We seek to hire a Packing Supervisor who will be tasked with coordinating the activities in the packing area on each shift to maximize operational efficiencies and to ensure the safety of all employees.

Key Responsibilities

Supervise the packing team and ensure the tasks are delegated before a shift begins and instructions are issued on the shift’s target
Calculate the number of each SKU to be packed after verifying the production schedule and stocks in the bread store
Issue wrapping bags and tapes as required, and receive back any unused materials
Ensure clear and accurate records are maintained for the wrapping bags and tapes, indicating the bags used and the damages obtained, at the end of the shift and feed this information into the system
Convey to your teams the dates to be used for the tapes and for the date printing machine, and carry out checks throughout the shift to ensure this is being followed
Ensure all bread packed within your shift, is transported to the bread store at regular intervals in an organized manner each time cross-checking the figures of bread to be transported with the bread store supervisor. If for any reason this has not happened, a clear handover done to the incoming shift supervisor
Record keeping of the bread packed and transferred to the store in your shift and feeding this information into the system
Maintain a clear record of damaged bread pieces from production and packing, separating physically as well as in the records into the respective categories
Ensure the teams are regularly reminded of packing bread in clean crates only, and carry out daily spot checks
Any broken, dirty, foreign crates obtained in the packing area, to be forwarded with clear documentation to the necessary departments, for follow up action.
Handover to the incoming shift supervisor with very clear, documented data, both on paper and on the digital platform
Report issues related to packaging machines, wrapping bags, or any other matter which will affect the speed of packing, in a timely manner, to the relevant departments, and follow up where necessary, to ensure the problem is resolved
Issue warning letters to the employees, when protocol is not followed. Follow this with any other disciplinary action where necessary, or forward the matter to the HR department in a timely manner
Ensure the machines are well maintained and cleaned on a daily basis
Ensure the packing store is kept clean, neat and user friendly at all times
Ensure the packing area is free from clutter, and that crates are arranged in an orderly way
Innovate, when unusual situations arise, and always ensure the order required is met on time
Ensure good hygiene of the packing team, by always providing gloves, and ensure safe disposal of the gloves into the respective bins
Any other duty that is deemed appropriate by management


Degree in Business or a related field
Experience in a similar capacity in a busy manufacturing environment.
Exceptional attention to detail
Creative and problem-solving skills
Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize a demanding workload
Organization skills
Supervisory skills
Analytical and mathematical skills

Application Procedure

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