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Store Supervisor

Full Time

They seek to hire a Finished Goods & Store Supervisor who will be responsible for control of all activities pertaining to the management of the finished goods store i.e. receipt from packing section, arrangement in the store and issuance of products to the loading team while paying close attention to the numbers, dates and the handling of product.

Key Responsibilities

Verifying and receiving finished and damaged goods from the packing section and ensuring they feed the data on SAP
Keeping clear records of product movement in & out of the store and separating production dates on the store sheet
Overseeing the arrangement and movement of the finished goods in the store, based on type of product, and expiry date of the product, ensuring first in first out (FIFO) system is followed
Ensuring damaged goods are released to the packing supervisors for consumption and the remainder released to the damaged goods store with accurate records
Off-loading and supervising the handling of any returns and keeping a clear record of these
Issuing products as per route orders (invoices) to the dispatch team during loading after transferring details to the loading sheet, supervising the transporters carrying out this task, ensuring each route leaves at its designated time to ensure that customers get their full, accurate and on-time orders
Communicate with the packing team incase records show a low stock in a certain sku
Summarizing the loading sheet at the end of loading
Taking stock of products in the store at the end/start of every shift, except end of 2pm shift due to logistic issues, while keeping a keen eye on the dates
Crates stock taking at the end of loading during the 6am – 2pm shift
Following up on any errors arising in the stock count of either products or crates
Ensuring cleanliness of the store at all times
Safekeeping of the products in terms of quality and quantity.
Filling loading and offloading details into the computer system
Supervising store staff and enforcing the rules of the store
Releasing products sold to the office and that for visitors, with clear records (invoices)
Arranging for dispatch of products during top-ups in a timely manner, ensuring proper documentation is present
Ensuring dirty crates are sent for cleaning, reporting this data on the digital platform, and verifying clean ones are received back to the store (both in terms of quality and quantity)
Any other duties deemed relevant by the management


Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Store and Stock Control/business related course with an Accounting bias.
Knowledge of book keeping
Knowledge of stock control methods (FIFO, LIFO etc)
Teamwork and Integrity
Attention to detail
Good communication and problem-solving skills
Confidence and leadership skills
Good analytical and numerical skills and an understanding of statistics
Planning and organization skills

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