Theatre Nurse.

Full Time

Job Purpose
The theatre nurse shall be responsible in promoting and maintaining high standards of professional nursing care by providing quality services with special focus on surgeries to meet the needs of patients.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Assessing patient’s status, reviewing charts/file, identifying patient and verifying surgical site upon arrival from the ward
2. Take measures to ensure patient’s comfort and provision of psychological support to the patient
3. Participate in packaging, Sterilization and dispatching of theatre consumables
4. Managing and Communicating patient’s emotional status to other appropriate theatre team members
5. Maintaining aseptic /safe controlled environment
6. Managing human resources, equipment, and supplies for individualized patient care
7. Receiving patients from ward, confirming theatre list, and handing over patients once stable enough to be in the ward
8. Managing patient flow in theatre Department
9. Participating in surgical procedures as a scrub nurse
10. Transferring patient to operating room table, Participate in Positioning the patient on the operating table and to recovery area after operation
11. Ensures that the sponge, needle, and instrument counts are correct before and after the procedure
12. Institute measures to promote normal body temperature of the patient during operation e.g., providing warm intravenous fluids
13. Determine patient’s immediate response to surgical intervention by doing assessment
14. Maintain patient’s safety (airway, circulation, and prevention of injury)
15. Administer medications, fluid and blood if Prescribed
16. Managing of consumable non–consumable surgical supplies
17. Timely reporting of any malfunctioning equipment for repair
18. Ensuring all patients are charged in relation to the procedure performed and consumable supplies used e.g., drugs
19. Monitoring of blood/fluid loss during operation

20. Communicating intraoperative information to the respective ward staff including type of surgery performed and anesthetic used
21. Report patient’s response to surgical procedure and anesthesia.
22. Describe intraoperative factors e.g., insertion of drains, administration of blood, analgesic agents, or other medications during surgery and occurrence of unexpected events
23. Taking vital observations before/after surgery and reporting any changes in patient’s vital signs
24. Communicating to relevant parties e.g., anesthetists, Surgeons and MO’s
25. Assisting anesthetists during induction
26. Ensuring theatre equipment are in good working condition
27. Documenting any events during surgery
28. Receiving and taking care of newborns during cesarean section
29. Any other duties that may be allocated by the Management


Diploma in Community health Nursing (KRCHN) or BSN from a recognized institution.
• Higher Diploma in Perioperative Nursing will be an added advantage
• Experience in Perioperative nursing
• Must have Certification in BLS
• ACLS Certification will be an added advantage
• Experience in Laparoscopy will be an added advantage

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