Civil & Structural Engineering

Civil Design Engineer

Full Time

Civil engineering designer for structural, utilities, roadways, water and sewage lines, drainage and earthwork, for large scale residential and commercial building sites.

Design Cost Analysis
Develop cost-effective design layouts based on construction specifications and requirements.
Determine construction cost and material estimates based on civil designs.

Design Analysis
Analyse design issues and recommend corrective actions.
Perform civil design analysis and calculations according to project requirements.
Conversant with the latest developments in civil design fields.

Field Surveys
Perform field surveys and investigations to prepare engineering drawings.
Review the project plan and determine the design feasibilities and constraints.

Project Timelines
Manage design projects within given timelines and budgets.
Perform design changes and improvements according to changing project demands.

Design & Development
Use the latest software and technologies to develop effective designs.
Maintain accurate design files for reference purposes.
Provide assistance to design and construction teams.

Quality Assuarance
Adhere to established design codes and procedures such as the national.
Ensure compliance with ISO quality requirements.
Consider health, safety and environmental requirements when developing civil designs.

Degree in Civil Engineering.
2 years experience with Engineering design consultancy or similar.
Well-organised who knows how to use CAD software and other computer softwares to design civil structural elements for planned building projects.
Detail-Oriented and able to carefully analyse maps, surveys, and drawings.
Able to thrive in a team environment and have excellent communication skills.
Good critical thinking skills to troubleshoot potential problems with plans, designs, and sketches as well as adjustment plans as needed.

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